Vintage Tan Jungle Safari Zoo Aquarium Wildlife Wild Animals Leopard Cheetah Tiger Lion King Jaquar Acid Wash Tie Dye T-shirt Crewneck LARGE



Gorgeous over the top tie dyed / acid stone wash style vintage retro big print graphic tee with african jungle safari style theme. Features an assortment of big cats. Total live action Lion King vibes! Size: Tagged a LARGE. But be sure to check the images with the measurements to ensure a proper fit prior to purchase. Happy to provide more photos or dimensions if needed. Condition: Excellent! Nice and broken in and soft. Very minimal fading and no visible signs of damage or staining. Lots of life left in this magnificent beast! But dont take my word for it! Check out the photos for yourself, and feel free to send questions if you have them. All orders are packed properly and shipped quickly. Most go out same day, date/time permitting. I also remove any stray threads, lint or pilling prior to mailing. So if they are visible in a photo, unless specified in the listing, theyll be handled before the item gets to you. I got ya covered! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! 90s 90s 1990s 1990s 00s 00s 2000s 2000s nineties two thousands tie dye die tacky ugly stoned acid washed bleached denim high waisted redneck country county state fair trailer park hessian tractor pull mormon napoleon dynamite large print graphic tee t-shirt tshirt animals prize giveaway games of chance i got it carnival head shop spencers gifts hot topic zumiez funny obnoxious souvenir vacation gift shop knick knack grandma grandpa aunt uncle dad mom vibes style h3h3 teddy fresh ethan hilarious klein zumiez mac demarco hipster williamsburg brooklyn portland normcore nerdy home schooled awkward pubescent teenager braces headgear bookworm library geek av computer club all over print retro vintage coachella desert joshua tree yucca valley